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My vim configuration bundle.

Feel free to fork and use my bundle!

Take a look inside Makefile before running make command.

It will overwrite any existed ~/.vimrc, ~/.gvimrc and ~/.vim.

Plugins: new functionality

  • Fugitive Awesome git wrapper.
    • <leader>gd - Perform a |vimdiff| against the current file in the given revision
    • <leader>gs - Bring up the output of git-status in the preview window
    • <leader>gb - Run git-blame on the file and open the results in a scroll bound vertical split
  • Matchit Extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages.
  • MRU Plugin to manage Most Recently Used (MRU) files.
    • <leader>m - Displays the MRU file list in a temporary Vim window
  • NERDCommenter Intensely orgasmic commenting.
    • CTRL + / - Toggles the comment state of the selected line(s)
    • <leader>c<space> - Toggles the comment state of the selected line(s).
  • NERDTree A tree explorer plugin for vim.
    • CTRL + e - Toggle NERDTree side pane
    • CTRL + x - Find current file in NERDTree
  • Pathogen Manage your runtimepath.
  • snipMate Implements some of TextMate's snippets features in Vim.
  • Supertab Perform all your vim insert mode completions with Tab.
  • Surround Quoting/parenthesizing made simple.
  • Syntastic Syntax checking hacks for vim.
  • Taglist Source code browser (supports C/C++, java, perl, python, tcl, sql, php, etc).
  • Tasklist Eclipse like task list.
    • <leader>tl - It will search the file for FIXME, TODO, and XXX and put them in a handy list
  • Watchdog Comprehensive, dynamically resizing statusline.
  • Yankring Maintains a history of previous yanks, changes and deletes.
    • <leader>yr - Shows all entries in the yankring

Plugins: syntax highlightings

Plugins: color schemes

  • irblack Infinite Red's ir_black vim theme.
  • jellybeans A colorful, dark color scheme for Vim.
  • jellyx A delicious collision of Jellybeans and Xoria256.
  • molokai A port of the monokai scheme for TextMate.
  • solarized Precision colorscheme for the vim text editor.
  • xoria256 Finely tuned soft gamma, 256 colors, dark background, gvim == vim.
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