An Icelandic Dvorak keyboard layout for X. Part of xkeyboard-config
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= About

This is a modified version of the English Dvorak layout that allows
you to type all Icelandic letters under X. It's not a full attempt at
nationalizing the layout as e.g. the Norwegian, Swedish and French
layouts which modify the primary keys of the basic Dvorak layout

Rather it's a simple modification of 5 keys of the US Dvorak layout,
it adds Germanic/Icelandic style quotation marks („“), eth (ðÐ), ae
(æÆ), endash and emdash (–—) and thorn (þÞ). These keys aren't used in
the US version making this IS version a superset of it.

Maybe someone else will make a "full" attempt at an Icelandic layout
but I was mostly interested in continuing to type English comfortably
as a primary function while being able to type the full Icelandic
alphabet as a secondary function.

= Inclusion in Xorg

I already have a `mac' variant I wrote included in Xorg, but I've been
hesitant to submit a patch for the Dvorak layout for the
aforementioned reasons of it not being a full attempt like the rest of
the layouts currently included are.

But maybe inclusion would be more useful than not, maybe under a
different namespace than is/dvorak.

= Directory layout

`dvorak' is the old XFree86 layout where national variants were still
part of the main dvorak layout, `dvorak.patch' is a patch to the last
XFree86 version of the official `dvorak' I used.

`is' is the new Xorg layout where dvorak is a variant of the national
layout, `is.patch' is a patch to the last Xorg version of the official
`is' I used.

= Installation

on Xorg:
    $ locate symbols/is
    sudo cp xorg-icelandic-dvorak/is /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/is
    setxkbmap -layout is -variant dvorak