A propane-like campfire notification for Linux
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A nod to the Propane for mac which monitors Campfire rooms. This is for Linux users. It has been tested on Ubuntu 8.10 and should work on Debian based systems just fine.


  • Ubuntu 8.04 (or later, I'd assume)

  • the tinder gem (1.2.1): sudo gem install tinder

  • libnotify-bin: sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin

I use the Gnome desktop and I'm not sure about the requirements for libnotify-bin above.

To Dos

  • Package as a gem although it is pretty specific to linux and possibly the gnome desktop as well.

Configuration of the .butanerc

Create a .butanerc in your home directory. It's in yaml format and here's what it looks like:

  :login: rick@email.com
  :password: mypassword
  :image: some_small_32x32_image
  :ssl: true
    First Room: 
      :sticky: rick
    Git Commits: 
      :sticky: models|specs

  :login: rick@email.com
  :password: someotherpassword
    Light is Nice:
      :sticky: rick
      :image: nice_light_32x32_image
      :ignore: has\s+(left|entered)

Fixed keywords in the above:

  • :login:

  • :password:

  • :image:

  • :ssl:

  • :rooms:

  • :sticky:

  • :ignore:

The rest of the items, “mycampfire”, “otheraccount”, “First Room” and “Git Commits”, “Light is Nice” are the names of your accounts and rooms in those accounts.

The :ignore: is used, on a per-room basis, to just flat out ignore messages that match that regexp.

For campfire accounts that are ssl-enabled, you'll need to use the :ssl: configuration to specify true for such an account. The default is false.

The :image: is used for a small 32x32 (or so) image that is used in the notification. This can be done at the account level and/or the room level as well. Any :image: defined for a room is used instead of the account image.

As you've guessed by now, it does work with multiple campfire accounts.

There is the “First Room”. Any activity that regexp matches /rick/i will pop up a sticky notification that needs to be clicked away. Ditto for the “Light is Nice” room.

In the “Git Commits” room, any activity that matches the regexp /models|specs/i will again cause a sticky notification to appear.

Run it

+butane start+ to start butane as a daemon.

+butane run+ to start it attached to the console.

+butane restart+ will stop and restart the butane daemon.

+butane stop+ to stop butane.

+butane status+ to determine wether butane is running.

Using +butane run+ is useful since it will show you on the console the accounts butane is trying to connect to and the rooms it will be monitoring.