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Collection of generic algorithms and data structures entirely written in/for FPC and Lazarus. Started as a self-education project, it now seems quite comfortable and fast. In order to use it (FPC 3.2 and higher and Lazarus 1.9.0 and higher):

  • open and compile package lgenerics/LGenerics.lpk.

  • add LGenerics package to project dependencies.

Implemented primitives:

  • stack(unit lgStack)
  • queue(unit lgQueue)
  • deque(unit lgDeque)
  • vector(unit lgVector)
  • vector of bits(unit lgVector)
  • priority queue based on binary heap(unit lgPriorityQueue)
  • priority queue with key update and melding based on pairing heap(unit lgPriorityQueue)
  • sorted list(unit lgList)
  • hashed list - array based list with the ability to fast search by key(unit lgList)
  • hashset(unit lgHashSet)
  • fine-grained concurrent hashset(unit lgHashSet)
  • sorted set(unit lgTreeSet)
  • set of arbitrary size(unit lgUtil, TGSet)
  • hash multiset(unit lgHashMultiSet)
  • fine-grained concurrent hashmultiset(unit lgHashMultiSet)
  • sorted multiset(unit lgTreeMultiSet)
  • hashmap(unit lgHashMap)
  • fine-grained concurrent hashmap(unit lgHashMap)
  • sorted map(unit lgTreeMap)
  • hash multimap(unit lgMultiMap)
  • tree multimap(unit lgMultiMap)
  • list miltimap(unit lgMultiMap)
  • bijective map(unit lgBiMap)
  • sparse 2D table(unit lgTable2D)
  • disjoint set(unit lgHashSet)
  • AVL tree(unit lgAvlTree)
  • red-black tree(unit lgRbTree)
  • some treap variants(unit lgTreap)
  • general rooted tree(unit lgRootTree)
  • sparse labeled undirected graph(unit lgSimpleGraph)
  • sparse labeled directed graph(unit lgSimpleDigraph)


  • extended IEnumearble interface - filtering, mapping, etc.
  • lite containers based on advanced records

Implemented graph features:

  • core functions:
    • vertices/edges addition/removal/query/enumeration, edge contraction, degree
    • load/save to own binary format, primitive export to DOT format
  • connectivity:
    • connected/strongly connected components, bipartite detection, degeneracy, k-core
    • articulation points, bridges, biconnected components
    • edge-connectivity
  • traversals:
    • BFS/DFS traversals with visitors,
    • cycle/negative cycle detection,
    • topological sort
  • operations:
    • induced subgraphs, complement, reverse, union, intersect, symmetric difference,
  • chordality testing
  • planarity testing: FMR Left-Right Planarity algorithm
  • distance within graph:
    • eccentricity, radius, diameter, center, periphery
  • matching:
    • maximum cardinality matching on bipartite/arbitrary graphs
    • minimum/maximum weight matching on bipartite graphs
  • dominators in flowgraps: simple iterative and Semi-NCA algorithms
  • some suggestions for NP-hard problems:
    • maximum independent set, maximal independent sets enumeration
    • maximum clique, cliques enumeration
    • minimum vertex cover, minimal vertex covers enumeration
    • vertex coloring, approximations and exact
    • minimum dominating set
    • Hamiltonian cycles and paths
    • local search TSP approximations, BnB TSP solver
  • minimum spanning trees: Prims's and Kruskal's algorithms
  • single source shortest paths:
    • Dijkstra with pairing heap, A*, Bellman-Ford-Moor with Tarjan's subtree disassembly(BFMT)
  • single pair shortest paths:
    • Dijkstra with binary heap, bidirection Dijkstra, A*, NBA*
  • all pairs shortest paths:
    • Floyd–Warshall, Johnson, BFMT
  • networks:
    • maximum flow: push/relabel, capacity scaling Dinitz
    • minimum-cost flow: Busacker-Gowen, cost scaling push/relabel algorithm
    • global minimum cut: Stoer–Wagner, Nagamochi-Ibaraki

Algorithms on arrays and vectors(mostly unit lgArrayHelpers):

  • reverse, right/left cyclic shifts
  • permutations
  • binary search
  • N-th order statistics
  • inversion counting
  • distinct values selection
  • quicksort
  • introsort
  • dual pivot quicksort
  • mergesort
  • timsort(unit lgMiscUtils)
  • counting sort
  • radix sort
  • translation of Orson Peters' PDQSort algorithm
  • static segment tree
  • ...

Algorithms on strings

  • Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm(in Fast Search variant), case sensitive and case insensitive(unit lgStrHelpers)
  • Boyer-Moore-Horspool-Raita algorithm(unit lgStrHelpers)


  • non-cryptogarphic hashes(unit lgHash):
    • Yann Collet's xxHash32, xxHash64
    • Austin Appleby's MurmurHash2, MurmurHash2A, MurmurHash3_x86_32, MurmurHash64A
  • brief and dirty implementation of futures concept(unit lgAsync)
  • brief channel implementation(unit lgAsync)
  • brief implementation of thread pool(unit lgAsync)
  • 128-bit integers(unit lgInt128)
  • JSON validator/parser/generator(unit lgJson)
  • Eisel-Lemire fast string-to-double conversion algorithm(unit lgJson)
  • Ryū double-to-string conversion algorithm(unit lgJson)


Generic algorithms and data structures for Lazarus/Free Pascal





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