Libraries, samples and tools to help .NET Core developers develop AWS Lambda functions.
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AWS Lambda for .NET Core Gitter

Repository for the AWS NuGet packages and Blueprints to support writing AWS Lambda functions using .NET Core.

For a history of releases view the release change log

NuGet Packages


This packages in this folder contains classes that can be used as input types for Lambda functions that process various AWS events.

These are the packages and their files:


Package adds commands to the dotnet cli that can be used manage Lambda functions including deploying a function from the dotnet cli. For more information see the file for Amazon.Lambda.Tools.


Package makes it easy to run ASP.NET Core Web API applications as Lambda functions. For more information see the file for Amazon.Lambda.AspNetCoreServer.


Package includes test implementation of the interfaces from Amazon.Lambda.Core and helper methods to help in locally testing. For more information see the file for Amazon.Lambda.TestUtilities.


Blueprints in this repository are .NET Core Lambda functions that can used to get started. In Visual Studio the Blueprints are avalible when creating a new project and selecting the AWS Lambda Project.

Dotnet CLI Templates

New .NET Core projects can be created with the dotnet new command. By installing the Amazon.Lambda.Templates NuGet package the AWS Lamdba blueprints can be created from the dotnet new command. To install the template execute the following command:

dotnet new -i Amazon.Lambda.Templates::*

The ::* on the end of the command indicates the latest version of the NuGet package.

To see a list of the Lambda templates execute dotnet new lambda --list

> dotnet new lambda --list                                                                                             
Templates                                    Short Name                      Language      Tags                    
Lambda Detect Image Labels                   lambda.DetectImageLabels        [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Function     
Lambda Empty Function                        lambda.EmptyFunction            [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Function     
Lex Book Trip Sample                         lambda.LexBookTripSample        [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Function     
Lambda Simple DynamoDB Function              lambda.DynamoDB                 [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Function     
Lambda Simple Kinesis Firehose Function      lambda.KinesisFirehose          [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Function     
Lambda Simple Kinesis Function               lambda.Kinesis                  [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Function     
Lambda Simple S3 Function                    lambda.S3                       [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Function     
Lambda ASP.NET Core Web API                  lambda.AspNetCoreWebAPI         [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Serverless   
Lambda DynamoDB Blog API                     lambda.DynamoDBBlogAPI          [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Serverless   
Lambda Empty Serverless                      lambda.EmptyServerless          [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Serverless   
Simple Step Functions                        lambda.SimpleStepFunctions      [C#]          AWS/Lambda/Serverless   

To get details about a template, you can use the help command.

dotnet new lambda.EmptyFunction –help

Template Instantiation Commands for .NET Core CLI.                                                                                          
Lambda Empty Function (C#)                                                                                                                  
Author: AWS                                                                                                                                 
  -p|--profile  The AWS credentials profile set in aws-lambda-tools-defaults.json and used as the default profile when interacting with AWS.
                string - Optional                                                                                                           
  -r|--region   The AWS region set in aws-lambda-tools-defaults.json and used as the default region when interacting with AWS.              
                string - Optional  

The templates take two optional parameters to set the profile and region. These values are written to the aws-lambda-tools-default.json.

To create a function, run the following command

dotnet new lambda.EmptyFunction --name BlogFunction --profile default --region us-east-2

Yeoman (Deprecated)

The Yeoman generators have been deprecated in favor of the new dotnet new templates. They will not be migrated from the older project.json based project system.

For developers not using Visual Studio the Blueprints can be used with a Yeoman generator. To use Yeoman, Node.js and npm must be installed which can be obtain from

Once npm is installed the Yeoman generator can be installed using the following command.

npm install -g yo generator-aws-lambda-dotnet

To run the generator and select a Blueprint run the following command.

yo aws-lambda-dotnet