Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK for C++ is for developers to install and customize for their connected camera and other devices to securely stream video, audio, and time-encoded data to Kinesis Video Streams.
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Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK C/C++


Amazon Kinesis Video Streams makes it easy to securely stream video from connected devices to AWS for analytics, machine learning (ML), and other processing.

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK for C/C++ makes it easy to build an on-device application that securely connects to a video stream, and reliably publishes video and other media data to Kinesis Video Streams. It takes care of all the underlying tasks required to package the frames and fragments generated by the device's media pipeline. The SDK also handles stream creation, token rotation for secure and uninterrupted streaming, processing acknowledgements returned by Kinesis Video Streams, and other tasks.

Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK for C/C++

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK for C/C++ contains the following sub-directories/projects:

  • kinesis-video-pic - The Platform Independent Codebase which is the basic building block for the C++/Java producer SDK. The project includes multiple sub-projects for each sub-component with unit tests.
  • kinesis-video-producer - The C++ Producer SDK with unit test.
  • kinesis-video-producer-jni - The C++ wrapper for JNI to expose the functionality to Java/Android.
  • kinesis-video-gst-demo - C++ GStreamer sample application (for webcam, USB camera and RTSP) .
  • kinesis-video-gstreamer-plugin - GStreamer plugin sink element (kvssink) and demo application.
  • kinesis-video-native-build - Native build directory with a build script for Mac OS/Linux/Raspberry PI/Windows. This is the directory that will contain the artifacts (executable binaries) and JNI libraries after the build.
    • This should be your current working directory for running the install-scripts.

Build and install Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK and sample applications

There are few build-time tools/dependencies which need to be installed in order to compile the core producer SDK libraries and the sample applications. Sample applications are provided to demonstrate how to send video from webcam, USB camera, or IP camera (RTSP).

Please follow the installation instructions applicable to your operating system.


Kinesis Video Producer SDK CPP documentation


This library is licensed under the Amazon Software License.

Release notes

Release 1.5.1 (28th Sep 2018)

  • Fragment Metadata Support for Producer SDK
  • Add fallback frame rate to avoid negotiation issue on certain machines like macbook air

Release 1.5.0 (24th Aug 2018)

  • Windows Support for Producer SDK
  • Intermittent producer support
  • Various bug fixes

Release 1.4.3 (20th June 2018)

  • Added prebuilt docker images for AmazonLinux and Raspbian Stretch
  • Updated install-script to accept commandline argument -j and pass the value to make to speed up building
  • Updated install-script to accept commandline argument -d to remove opensource library installation files after finishing
  • Updated CMakeLists.txt in kinesis-video-native-build to link up libraries properly

Release 1.4.2 (14th June 2018)

  • Release first version of gstreamer plugin kvssink
  • Fix gstreamer demo issue when running on raspberry pi

Release 1.4.1 (8th May 2018)

  • Update log4cplus download link in install-script

Release 1.4.0 (25th April 2018)

  • Fix for crash caused by latest Mac tool chain issue
  • Fix for callbacks returning incorrect custom data in gstreamer sample app
  • Support for custom logger
  • Fix for multiple callbacks when triggering connection staleness

Release 1.3.1 (5th April 2018)

  • Fixed video source negotiation error caused by camera with fractional fps
  • Docker suport for RTSP streaming

Release 1.3.0 (15th March 2018)

  • Fixed producer intermittent termination issue for some edge cases involving re-streaming on error.

Release 1.2.3 (1st March 2018)

  • Updated install-script to fix the local certificate trust issue for curl.
  • Added steps in README troubleshooting section for curl trust issues.

Release 1.2.2 (March 2018)

  • Remove open-source dependencies from KinesisVideoProducerJNI native library. java-install-script can be used to build KinesisVideoProducerJNI native library fast.
  • README note improved.

Release 1.2.1 (February 2018)

  • Bug fix for producer timestamp video playback in the console should be fixed if proper timestamp is provided to SDK. Current setting in sample app uses Gstreamer frame timecode and relative timestamp (used by SDK).
  • install-script is updated to automatically detect OS version and avoid dependency issue on Mac High Sierra and Ubuntu 17.10.
  • Known issue: Producer timestamp mode video playback in console will not work if GStreamer demoapp is configured to use frame timecode and absolute timestamp (used by SDK).

Release 1.2.0 (February 2018)

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancement
  • Streaming error recovery improvements
  • Minor API changes:
    • create stream APIs return shared pointers instead of unique pointers
    • Addition of StreamClosed callback to notify the caller application when the stream is finished draining the existing buffered frames before closing in the graceful termination case.

Release 1.1.3 (February 2018)

  • Added RTSP Demo Sample
  • Run the demo using:
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<MYACCESSKEYID> AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<MYSECRETKEY> ./kinesis_video_gstreamer_sample_rtsp_app <rtspurl> <stream-name>

Release 1.1.2 (January 2018)

  • Allowed devices to output h.264 streams directly
  • The user can also supply a streaming resolution through command line arguments.
    • If resolution is provided then the sample will try to check if the camera supports that resolution. If it does then streaming starts; else, it will fail with an error msg "Resolution not supported"
    • If no resolution is specified, the demo will try to use resolutions 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x480 in that order (highest resolution first)and will start streaming once the camera supported resolution is detected.
  • Known issues:
    • When streaming on raspberry pi. Some green artifacts might be observed on the preview screen. Reducing the resolution can fix the issue.

Release 1.1.1 (December 2017)

  • Fix USB webcam support
  • Known issues:
    • If USB webcam doesn't support 720p, then gstreamer negotiation will fail. Trying lower resolution as mentioned in Troubleshooting may fix this issue.

Release 1.1.0 (December 2017)

  • Addition of a received application ACK notification callback
  • Lifecycle management improvements
  • Exposed failure on progressive back-off/retry logic
  • Hardening/fixing various edge-cases
  • Fixing Raspberry PI frame dropping issue

Release 1.0.0 (November 2017)

  • First release of the Amazon Kinesis Video Producer SDK for Cpp.
  • Known issues:
    • Missing build scripts for Windows-based systems.
    • Missing cross-compile option.
    • Sample application/unit tests can't handle buffer pressures properly - simple print in debug log.