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  1. git-secrets git-secrets Public

    Prevents you from committing secrets and credentials into git repositories

    Shell 12k 1.2k

  2. llrt llrt Public

    LLRT (Low Latency Runtime) is an experimental, lightweight JavaScript runtime designed to address the growing demand for fast and efficient Serverless applications.

    JavaScript 7.6k 342

  3. aws-shell aws-shell Public

    An integrated shell for working with the AWS CLI.

    Python 7.1k 766

  4. gluonts gluonts Public

    Probabilistic time series modeling in Python

    Python 4.3k 731

  5. mountpoint-s3 mountpoint-s3 Public

    A simple, high-throughput file client for mounting an Amazon S3 bucket as a local file system.

    Rust 4k 125

  6. aws-lambda-rust-runtime aws-lambda-rust-runtime Public

    A Rust runtime for AWS Lambda

    Rust 3.2k 323


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