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Collection of scripts and resources for DevSecOps, Security Automation and Automated Incident Response Remediation

IAM Access Denied Responder

This example solution will setup an automated response to an access denied event that occurs within a CloudTrail event, a Failed authentication attempt to the AWS console, or a Client.UnauthorizedOperation event occurs.

EC2 Auto Clean Room Forensics

This example solution will take an instance ID from an SNS topic and through a series of AWS Lambda functions co-ordinated by AWS Step Functions will automatically notify, isolate and run basic forensics on the identified instance.


Demo script to automatically restart CloudTrail. The script have placeholders for forensics etc. to avoid enabling CloudTrail without finding the causing user.


Demo script to automatically create and attach virtual MFA to any newly created IAM user. The use can fetch the MFA Seed themselves using AWS CLI.

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Collection of scripts and resources for DevSecOps and Automated Incident Response Security



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