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SOCI Snapshotter

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SOCI Snapshotter is a containerd snapshotter plugin. It enables standard OCI images to be lazily loaded without requiring a build-time conversion step. "SOCI" is short for "Seekable OCI", and is pronounced "so-CHEE".

The standard method for launching containers starts with a setup phase during which the container image data is completely downloaded from a remote registry and a filesystem is assembled. The application is not launched until this process is complete. Using a representative suite of images, Harter et al FAST '16 found that image download accounts for 76% of container startup time, but on average only 6.4% of the fetched data is actually needed for the container to start doing useful work.

One approach for addressing this is to eliminate the need to download the entire image before launching the container, and to instead lazily load data on demand, and also prefetch data in the background.

Design considerations

No image conversion

Existing lazy loading snapshotters rely on a build-time conversion step, to produce a new image artifact. This is problematic for container developers who won't or can't modify their CI/CD pipeline, or don't want to manage the cost and complexity of keeping copies of images in two formats. It also creates problems for image signing, since the conversion step invalidates any signatures that were created against the original OCI image.

SOCI addresses these issues by loading from the original, unmodified OCI image. Instead of converting the image, it builds a separate index artifact (the "SOCI index"), which lives in the remote registry, right next to the image itself. At container launch time, SOCI Snapshotter queries the registry for the presence of the SOCI index using the mechanism developed by the OCI Reference Types working group.

Workload-specific load order optimization

Another big consideration that we haven't implmented/integrated into SOCI is to image load order based on your specific workload. See design README for more details.


  • Getting Started: walk through SOCI setups and features.
  • Build: how to build SOCI from source, test SOCI (and contribute).
  • Install: how to install SOCI as a systemd unit.
  • Debug: accessing logs/metrics and debugging common errors.
  • Glossary: glossary we use in the project.

Project Origin

There a few different lazy loading projects in the containerd snapshotter community. This project began as a fork of the popular Stargz-snapshotter project from commit 743e5e70a7fdec9cd4ab218e1d4782fbbd253803 with the intention of an upstream patch. During development the changes were fundamental enough that the decision was made to create soci-snapshotter as a standalone project. Soci-snapshotter builds on stargz's success and innovative ideas. Long term, this project intends and hopes to join containerd as a non-core project and intends to follow CNCF best practices.