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EVM interpreter compatible with the evm2wasm interface
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EVM interpreter compatible with the evm2wasm interface.

This is a drop in replacement for evm2wasm.

It uses the EVM interpreter from parity-ethereum.

Technical detail

At runtime the client would call the evm2wasm contract and pass EVM bytecode as an input. To that the contract would respond with an ewasm bytecode, which can be executed on its own.

Instead of that, runevm just returns itself, because during execution time of the translated contract, the codecopy operation still accesses the original EVM bytecode and as a result it is possible to acquire the code to be run.

Runevm runs as as interpreter off the code acquired via codecopy and behaves just like a regular contract.

To achieve this, it consists of two parts:

  • deployer
  • interpreter

The deployer is a tiny wasm wrapper, which only returns the interpreter.



$ cargo build --release
$ chisel run

The resulting binary will be at target/runevm.wasm.

It expects chisel is installed:

$ cargo install chisel


Alex Beregszaszi


Apache 2.0

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