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Kamil Trzciński's Pine A64 and Pinebook experiments


  1. android-7.0 Public

    DEPRECATED: Main repository with Android 7.0 releases

    30 3

  2. android-6.0 Public

    Main repository with Android 6.0 releases

    28 8

  3. linux-build Public

    Forked from longsleep/build-pine64-image

    Pine64 Linux build scripts, tools and instructions (based on Longsleep work)

    Shell 154 36

  4. android-7.1 Public

    Main repository with Android 7.1 releases

    58 17

  5. boot-tools Public

    Pine A64 mass storage using FEL and u-boot

    Batchfile 20 15

  6. Build SPI bootable u-boot in nice form useful for users :)

    Makefile 12 5



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