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Pine A64 mass storage using FEL and u-boot
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Pine Boot Tools

This is simple repository that has scripts and binaries to aid with booting of Pine A64 and Pinebook.

This repository is primarily meant to access Pine as USB mass storage when using USB OTG A-to-A cable.

This requires for your device to be run in FEL mode.

How to run device in FEL mode?

For Pine A64 remove SD card, power on device and insert SD card.

For Pinebook, longpress power button till the power led is ON, then do a few short presses, each one of about 0.4-0.5s. After a while device should start in FEL mode.

How to start UMS (USB mass storage mode)?

$ git clone
$ cd boot-tools
$ make pinebook_ums
$ make pine64_ums

How to recompile everything?

$ sudo apt-get install -y {g++,gcc}-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu {g++,gcc}-4.7-arm-linux-gnueabihf
$ git clone
$ cd boot-tools
$ make clean
$ make

What it contains?

  1. The modified u-boot to present itself as a USB mass storage device,
  2. The special work mode (0x55) implemented in u-boot that performs storage scan, and runs special USB mass storage command on boot,
  3. The SPL code that initializes DRAM and allows to run custom made u-boot,
  4. Compiled binary blobs,
  5. The original boot0's in blobs/ and DTS for Pine A64 and Pinebook.

Convert existing images to Pinebook

Here you can also find a compiled boot0 and u-boot (with included dtb) which is suitable to be put onto device.

The Pinebook requires you to put a compiled dtb onto first partition at pine64/sun50i-a64-pine64-pinebook.dtb, and copying the boot/ content to the disk.


Kamil Trzciński, 2017



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