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Upgrade (from Ubuntu):

$ /dev/mmcblk1 android-7.1 0.3.7



  • Upgrade Android to 7.1.2_r11,
  • Test release of SoPine,
  • Fix support for HDMI,
  • Fix U-Boot support for Pine A64,
  • Use single DTB for U-Boot and kernel,
  • Fix some suspend issues to additional locks done by power manager,
  • Update sleep behavior when pressing the power buttons,
  • Use native lid switch support instead of relying on custom keys,
  • Make suspend to work regardless display on/off notifications,
  • Use keyed autoboot, s to abort as The Pinebook uses UART via headphone jack (thanks, @longsleep),
  • Reduce boot delay from 3 to 1 second to speed up booting,
  • Added,
  • Disable CPUS_WAKE_ALRM0 from Wake sources to prevent suspend,
  • Disable Realtek WiFi 8723 power management,
  • Use BSP 1.2 kernel (without backports): my-hacks-1.2,
  • Fixes camera support,
  • Fixes headphones support, enable on boot,
  • Auto-generates wifi mac address,
  • Allows accessing eMMC when booting from SD,

Currently, it only works on Pinebook.

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