C# 4.0 wrapper to Twilio Rest API



Take Twilio's Rest API, sprinkle in some C# 4, and you've got Twilio Sugar.


First and foremost I'm using Twilio with SideBox because Twilio is AWESOME! and SideBox is AWESOME!

Second, I wanted to learn a bit about c# 4 dynamics and how to implement a this JSON parser with it. Got that here

Thrid, I've been wanting to learn TDD and Unit Testing. The core is being tested now and I'm going back with my paint bursh to try and get 100% code coverge. Wish me luck!


Compile this class library, drop the dll into your app, and write some code:

var account = new TwilioAccount();
var phoneAutomation = new PhoneAutomation(account);
var availablePhoneNumbers = phoneAutomation.AvailableLocalPhoneNumbers(AreaCode: 480);

This should get you a list of available phone numbers.