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tokio-coap is a CoAP protocol implementation built on top of the tokio platform in the Rust programming language.

tokio-coap, by the of the nature of being written on top of tokio, it built on top of futures making it ideal for high performance and/or low resource use cases.


tokio-coap is incomplete and you likely shouldn't use it yet

tokio-coap is still taking shape, feedback on the interface is extremely welcome. Please open an issue on github if you have interest is using this library and want to provide and feedback about issues you have with the API, features you'd like to see prioritized, or even just general use cases you'd like to make sure are supported in the future.

Currently it is possible to directly deal with CoAP packets, but there is not yet any notion of a client or server (or more like an "endpoint" that is both) or any handling of sending or reciving packet on the network.

There are basic benchmarks to judge how changes affect performance, but no optomizing has been done explicitly yet. This will come in the future, but will happen after a 1.0.0 release.

Getting Started

There is very little in the way of useful documentation at the moment, for now check out the various examples for how to use the library.


A CoAP Implementation for Rust using Tokio



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