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AzerothCore logo AzerothCore website

This is the repository for the AzerothCore website:

You can improve the website by opening a PR here.

Website contributors

Run this repo locally with docker (supports https by default, suggested)

  1. Install docker-compose

  2. Run docker-compose up

  3. Now you can see your web app on

NOTE: the certificate is autogenerated during the image build phase, it's self-signed with localhost so you have to whitelist it in your browser

Run this repo locally (development)

  1. Clone this repo

  2. Install the ruby development environment using this guide.

  3. Go to your project directory and run jekyll:

jekyll serve
  1. Now you can see your web app on

How to update the catalogue

  • Clone the repository azerothcore/git-catalogue repository
  • run npm install and npm run build
  • take from dist/build/ the *.js files and move them into javascripts/catalogue/
  • take from dist/build/ the style.css file and move it into stylesheets/catalogue_style.css