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Community-driven MMO open source development


We are a community-driven open source focused on MMO development.

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  1. azerothcore-wotlk azerothcore-wotlk Public

    Complete Open Source and Modular solution for MMO

    C++ 5.7k 2.3k

  2. Keira3 Keira3 Public

    Cross-platform Database Editor for AzerothCore

    TypeScript 307 135

  3. wiki wiki Public

    AzerothCore wiki based on Drassil Git-Wiki

    CSS 75 551

  4. mod-transmog mod-transmog Public

    Plug&Play transmog module for AzerothCore, based on Rochet2 works

    C++ 105 117

  5. skeleton-module skeleton-module Public template

    This is a template, a skeleton of a module to use as a base for your new modules.

    C++ 29 34

  6. mod-eluna mod-eluna Public

    Forked from ElunaLuaEngine/Eluna

    Eluna Lua Engine © for WoW Emulators

    C++ 86 107


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