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AzerothCore wiki based on Drassil Git-Wiki
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.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE Update issue templates Dec 21, 2018
_includes Update sidebar.html Apr 3, 2019
_layouts github theme Feb 19, 2019
_sass Implemented external links icon (wikipedia style) Dec 31, 2018
assets Merge pull request #3 from Drassil/master Feb 19, 2019
docs Documentation for the new script command SCRIPT_COMMAND_MOVEMENT (35) ( Apr 16, 2019
.gitignore Import DB wiki from TC 335 Feb 25, 2019 Fixed page list Dec 23, 2018 Create Dec 21, 2018
Gemfile Created Gemfile for local development Dec 16, 2018
LICENSE Update LICENSE Apr 14, 2017 Update Feb 17, 2019
searchdata.js fixed search Dec 23, 2018

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