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Pixyll is a simple, beautiful theme for Hugo. Based on Pixyll for Jekyll


  • Basic tag support.
  • Disqus comments supported.
  • Google Analytics supported.
  • Social links (currently only for twitter).
  • Formspree for contact form.
  • Pagination support.
  • Search, executes in client side javascript.

NOTE: Content under content/posts is not rendered with this theme! Please move your content to content/post.

Example config:

languageCode = "en-us"
contentdir = "content"
publishdir = "public"
builddrafts = false
baseUrl = ""
canonifyurls = true
title = "Pixyll"
author = "admin"
theme = "pixyll"
disqusShortname = "sitename"

  category = "categories"
  tag = "tags"

  search_engine = true
  google_analytics_id = "XX-XXXXXXXX-X"
  twitter_username = "username"
  paginate = true


We decided to use Tipue Search with custom script to generate index. Search is being done completely in browser, you don't need to run webserver for search. Current version of Tipue Search is 7.0

To activate search ensure that [params] section has line search_engine = true. Then you need to generate search index:

  1. Copy script to your website root location, where config.toml is located.
  2. Install python requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run python2

Script was tested with python 2.7 only.

Index will be placed into public/tipuesearch/tipuesearch_content.js. Every time you add new article you need to regenerate index with command above. If you run hugo as a server, please append option --renderToDisk othervise hugo will not pick up files generated by search script.

Pixyll Screenshot