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One-Step APK Decompilation With Multiple Backends
Python Shell
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apkx - Android APK Decompilation for the Lazy

A Python wrapper to popular free dex converters and Java decompilers. Extracts Java source code directly from the APK. Useful for experimenting with different converters/decompilers without having to worry about classpath settings and command line args.


$ git clone
$ cd apkx
$ sudo ./


  • JRE needs to be installed and in PATH
  • enjarify requires Python 3


Pass the APK filename on the command line:

$ apkx HelloWorld.apk 
Extracting HelloWord.apk to HelloWord
Converting: classes.dex -> classes.jar (dex2jar)
dex2jar HelloWord/classes.dex -> HelloWord/classes.jar
Decompiling to HelloWord/src (cfr)

The default combination of converter and decompiler is dex2jar and cfr. Use the -c and -d flags to change this. E.g.:

$ apkx -c enjarify -d procyon HelloWorld.apk

To get help, run:

$ apkx -h


This script integrates the following tools:


This script accompanies the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide. For further instructions and usage examples, see also:

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