Tools to work with android .dex and java .class files
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#dex2jar Build Status Tools to work with android .dex and java .class files

  1. dex-reader/writer: Read/write the Dalvik Executable (.dex) file. It has a light weight API similar with ASM.
  2. d2j-dex2jar: Convert .dex file to .class files (zipped as jar)
  3. smali/baksmali: disassemble dex to smali files and assemble dex from smali files. different implementation to smali/baksmali, same syntax, but we support escape in type desc "Lcom/dex2jar\t\u1234;"
  4. other tools: d2j-decrypt-string


sh -f ~/path/to/apk_to_decompile.apk

And the output file will be apk_to_decompile-dex2jar.jar.

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