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SoFee - [So]cialMedia [Fee]d

SocialMedia Feed:sofee is an attempt to get control over your feed instead of leaving it upto default algorithms being used by native platforms. For start we are listing the feeds chronologically based on time they are shared. Eventually we will try to get some templates using gensim and scikit to arrange feeds based around their textual content(of the links being shared in the feed).

We would also convert this feed into personal archive+referral system where links are saved to prevent link-rot which is reported to be around 5% every year!

Future Release Features

  • Store the link content in warc format
  • Making archived lines accessible, in lines of wayback.
  • Extract content of link and adding them to Atom Feed.
  • View to compare default platform(twitter, fb etc) feed and this feed.
  • Topic Modelling and Clustering based on the contents of link.
    • Provide different feeds of clusters.
    • Experiment with Dataset, using newsgroup, possibly create dataset manually.
  • Indexing archived content and making it search-able.
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