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kittens commented May 9, 2015 edited

I don't have time to maintain babel core and babel-eslint so I'm looking for someone(s) to take over maintenance. This would include triaging issues, fixing bugs, reviewing pull requests and releasing new versions. Ideally they'd have experience with AST-based tooling as well as how to write ESLint rules. Familiarity with ESLint internals would be most preferable too so bugs can be identified as residing in the babel-eslint compatibility layer or ESLint itself.

ds0nt commented May 9, 2015

To be clear, babel-core is not in need of a maintainer?

kittens commented May 9, 2015

Correct, this is only for babel-eslint.

hzoo commented May 9, 2015

I'l be working on supporting jscs with babel with https://github.com/jscs-dev/babel-jscs once I figure out the issues there. If so, some of the issues will probably be the same (esprima/espree) so I maybe of some help although I'm just starting to work with ASTs and eslint.

kittens commented May 9, 2015

@hzoo Awesome! Some of the stuff, notably acorn-to-esprima could likely be abstracted into a different library (as suggested in #24) that both could use.


I haven't spent a ton of time with ESLint but I'm willing to step up and take the lead on project management (issues, PRs, releases) and get up to speed on ESLint internals along the way. I'm a big proponent of https://github.com/feross/standard. I'm hoping that if we can get babel-eslint rock solid and demonstrate popular interest I can convince Feross to support custom parsers.

@hzoo hzoo added the discussion label May 15, 2015

@sebmck I would be able to help as I understand eslint.
Do let me know.

hzoo commented Jul 10, 2015

I think we're good now 😄

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hzoo commented Mar 7, 2016

Same issue as before, who is able to be a maintainer? We're at least looking for some more contributors!

marudor commented Mar 30, 2016

I would be willing to contribute as good as I can (I'm probably not familiar enough with eslint/babel to maintain it myself)

hzoo commented Mar 30, 2016

Right, the issue with this project in particular is that it sort of requires you to have to know about both projects and to fix issues when there might be a minor version change like what happened with #267. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.


I would love to contribute to this project, since I use it a lot in different places. However I haven't spent much time hacking ESLint core, I am familiar with linters, JSCS and, of course, Babel.

@hzoo hzoo added the help wanted label May 21, 2016
sstern6 commented Oct 24, 2016 edited

@kittens @hzoo been contributing quite a bit to ESLINT. Would love to get more into babel, havent contributed yet. I have the band with, if you would like me to help out on babel-eslint please let me know. If you think i need more experience with babel, I completely understand but wanted to let you know i was available and interested.


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