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  1. verneuil Public

    Verneuil is a VFS extension for SQLite that asynchronously replicates databases to S3-compatible blob stores.

    C 302 9

  2. slitter Public

    Slitter is a C- and Rust-callable slab allocator implemented primarily in Rust, with some C for performance or to avoid unstable Rust features.

    Rust 134 5

  3. umash Public

    UMASH: a fast enough hash and fingerprint with collision bounds

    Python 127 7

  4. First-class error reporting for the Unity game engine.

    C# 96 25

  5. poireau Public

    Poireau: a sampling allocation debugger

    Python 76 3

  6. A C library for runtime-flippable feature flags on Linux/x86-64, with negligible overhead in the common case

    C 60 3



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