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Badoo Tech


  1. Chatto Chatto Public

    A lightweight framework to build chat applications, made in Swift

    Swift 4.4k 601

  2. android-weak-handler android-weak-handler Public

    Memory safer implementation of android.os.Handler

    Java 1.5k 296

  3. MVICore MVICore Public

    MVI framework with events, time-travel, and more

    Kotlin 1.2k 89

  4. Reaktive Reaktive Public

    Kotlin multi-platform implementation of Reactive Extensions

    Kotlin 1.1k 57

  5. lsd lsd Public

    Live Streaming Daemon

    Go 168 18

  6. liveprof liveprof Public

    A performance monitoring system for running on live sites

    PHP 233 19


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