meta project to build libraries from the brotli source code
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Wrapper scripts and code around the brotli code base.

Builds libraries out of the brotli decode and encode sources. Uses autotools.

'brotlidec' is the library for decoding, decompression

'brotlienc' is the library for encoding, compression


First make sure you have libtool, autoconf and automake installed.

Clone the libbrotli repository, e.g.

$ git clone

Then run:

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make


$ make install

Installs the libraries and the necessary include files.

Header files

The include files are placed in a brotli subdir under the install prefix so include them like

#include <brotli/decode.h>
#include <brotli/encode.h>

in your source code.


Consider these build files MIT licensed. brotli itself is also under an MIT license.

Server-side brotli

See ngx_brotli_module