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The either type for Dart or Flutter projects.
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.gitignore Implemented basic functionality of the either type. May 23, 2019


The library for Error Handling.

main() async {
  // There is some method that will return the user or error.
  await getUser()
    ..either((ServerError error) {
      // Add a handler for the error.
      print("Error: ${error.code}");
    }, (User user) {
      // Add a handler to get the user.
      print("User: ${}");

  // or
  final either = await getUser();
  if (either.isLeft) {
    final error = either.left;
    print("Error: ${error.code}");
  } else {
    final user = either.right;
    print("User: ${}");

// And the return of either looks like this.
// According to the agreement, the right part stores the result of success,
// left is wrong.
Future<Either<ServerError, User>> getUser() async =>
    (Random().nextBool()) ? Right(User("Bob")) : Left(ServerError(500));


Add on pubspec.yml:

  either_type: ^0.1.2

Getting Started

This project is a starting point for a Dart package, a library module containing code that can be shared easily across multiple Flutter or Dart projects.

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation, which offers tutorials, samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.

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