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Baker Android App Google Play Build Status

The HTML5 ebook framework to publish interactive books & magazines on any Android device using simply open web standards

Please see the issues section to report any bugs or feature requests and to see the list of known issues.


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Download from Google Play


  1. Android Studio:

     Tools > Android SDK Tools
     Tools > Android SDK Platform-tools
     Tools > Android SDK Build-tools
     Android 5.0.1 (API 21) > SDK Platform
     Extras > Android Support Repository
     Extras > Android Support Library
     Extras > Google Play services
     Extras > Google Repository
     Extras > Google Play Billing Library
     Extras > Google Play Licensing Library


Clone or Download this repository, import in Android Studio and build/run the Baker build configuration

$ git clone

Beginner-friendly instructions can be found in Tutorial - Installation Guide


Tutorials can be found in the Baker Android Wiki


This project is based on the original Baker Android project by @fcontreras, @hsalazarl and @nin9creative.

This project follows the features and roadmap of the official Baker iOS Project, currently maintained by @pieterclaerhout, @nin9creative and the baker community.

This project integrates nicely with Baker Cloud Console and MagLoft.

A special shout-out to Intel Open Source Technology Center for bringing a chromium-based webview to android, allowing modern HTML5/CSS3 awesomeness, which is not provided by the native webview in current android sdks.

It also uses other great open source libraries such as:


Please fork this repository and contribute back using pull requests.

Any kind of contribution, features, bug fixes, language translations, unit/integration tests, refactors are welcome and appreciated but will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed.

Please make sure that:

  • Your pull request is based on the latest possible version of the Baker Android master branch
  • You have provided a meaningful title for your pull request
  • You have briefly explained in the pull request what it does and why it should be merged
  • You have referenced any relevant issue


This software is free to use under the BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.