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About Baker

To this day, ebooks have been limited by an old standard created in the pre-Kindle and pre-iPad era. Baker is the first stepping stone to show that we could already be using the powerful HTML5 language to create books with real typography, real layouts and high-quality design.


How to setup a magazine with Baker 4.1

  1. Decide whether you need a Newsstand or a Standalone App
  2. Setup your publication
    • ...within Newsstand with Free issues only, read here (supports remote downloads, does not require a server).
    • ...within Newsstand with In-App Purchases, read here (you can buy issues and subscriptions, does require a server)
    • a Standalone app, read here (as a standard application, non-Newsstand).
  3. If you have problems, see Problems and Debugging.

More on Baker 4.1, shelf and Newsstand


Documentation on Baker 3.2

These pages refer to an older version of the framework, but are in part still relevant.


Baker Framework


The HPub format


More How Tos



Administration pages

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