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Right now Balanced only supports merchant accounts for US entities. There's a whole world out there. Obviously a big undertaking, but definitely of huge value to Balanced customers.


Would love to know about and potentially use this once available. I am based in The Netherlands. Thanks!






+1 - how can we help ?




+1 as well! We'd use this immediately.




+1 from Italy


+1 from New Zealand.


+1 from France, lot's of innovatives startup in here! We are orphelin of an good payment solution..


+1 from Germany


+1 from France


+1 to accept sellers from Australia utilizing a US based marketplace. Any updates on progress here?


count me in...


We have clients that would like this feature.


+1 India


+1 from Germany :)


+1 for Australia and Canada


+1 for EU


Just for reference, we are waiting for EU support:


+1 Israel




Canada, UK and other european contries would be great.

  • 1 for EU. Starting for the larger markets, specially the ones in the south where there is a lack of good payment solutions, like France or Spain.

+1 UK


+1 Our marketplace is US-based but we need to support international merchants.


Australia would be fantastic. This service looks like a perfect fit for a project for one of our clients, sadly it's probably too late now.


+1 for Canada


+1 for Canada


+1 austria/europe


+1 Ireland


+1 Canada


+1 from Spain!


+1 UK


+6billions (EU especially)


+1 Ireland


+1 from New Zealand. Don't forget us, when you add Australian support.


+1 from Portugal


+1 from Singapore!


+1 for anything (Canada, UK, rest of Europe)
How can we help?


+1 europe / UK


+1 UK


+1 from Canada


Especially interested for India.


+1 armenia


Hey @mahmoudimus @matin @jkwade, what about Payoneer? I learned of them on the Gittip ticket for non-US payouts. I've submitted their inquiry form for Gittip, but it seems like a partnership between Balanced and Payoneer could be really powerful.


Looks like Payoneer is legit:

I see oDesk, Elance, Rent-a-Coder, Veer, etc.


Yes it is legit. I thought it was great until I found out allot of countries like India made it illegal. Check their country list to see if it works for you.

I might be wrong but some marketplaces have since dropped this service.


+1 for Australia and EU






+1 UK.

I run web forums in which we offer classifieds, and have hundreds of sellers and buyers. Most of these sites are in the UK, and I'd love to offer them a better framework for payments than what I currently offer (nothing whatsoever).


+1 UK/EU

@jkwade also reached out to me. how would this help solve things?


+1 for the Netherlands and EU in general


Canada, UK, Australia


+1 from India


+1 for spain


+1 from Israel!


+1 UK/Canada/Australia


+1 UK


@jkwade Just had a convo w/ (wholesale branch of They're next-day in local currency in 90+ countries. Definitely worth talking to. I can proceed with them or Payoneer directly but would much prefer to run it all through Balanced.


@jkwade I agree with whit537 as they offer a unique LFT solution that is fast and cheap. I am in the process of setting up with transfast. So far so good. We got hit by the holidays so there is a bit of delay in getting set up. The set up requirements are pretty straight forward and dealing with them is 1000% better than most financial service companies. They are flexible and easy to deal with, i.e. not bureaucratic. I reviewed the transfast API and it looks to be solid too.


+1 The Netherlands and European Union


+1 UK and +1 Slovenia (both EU)


+1 EU


👍 US based, would like to run internationally through balanced.


+1 Australia and EU please.


+1 UK. We are desperate for platform like yours.


+1 EU


+1 Canada


I run, a UK-based marketplace, and I'm desperate for a good, affordable payment system designed for marketplaces. I'll sign up the instant you announce EU support.


+1 for Canada -- would love to be a tester as we ramp up


This is newly interesting to Gittip again, as we've been rejected by Payoneer.


I'd be interested in being part of any trial you have in UK/EU.

pud commented Mar 1, 2013

Need to figure out a way to send payments to non-US customers. If not ACH, maybe check or something else temporarily? Check out - that might be a worthwhile integration (they just went public on Nasdaq)


+1 Canada


+1 Australia


+1 Spain


Europe would be a good option to have all though that is not one thing of course, many different countries.


+10 France


+1 from Norway.


+1 Canada


+1 Canada


+1 from USA... but still!


+1 UK and Europe


Is there a summary page of which payment processors that you have tried (failed/what)?


+1 from France


+1 for Canada / Australia / United Kingdom / France


+1 for Switzerland, EU and the Middle East


+1 for being able to move money to a seller in Canada


+1 Spain


+1 for France. Can we have any indication of when this might happen?


@csprotte we're not willing to commit to a timeline for anything with regulatory barriers.


+1 Spain


+1 Sweden


+1 Sweden




+1 Canada :D


+1 UK


+1 for Canada!


I really need this feature to consider using balanced as my marketplace payment processor.


+1 for Turkey


We've added Bitcoin support:
In the immediate term only US-based customers will be able to make bitcoin payments (via coinbase), but this is one step towards a broader non-USD currency offering...


@dmacquart nice!
It certainly is a big step forward... thanks for the update!


Here are @matin's (Balanced CEO) thoughts on the Coinbase partnership and why we're starting to explore bitcoin:

Follow our progress on supporting different crypocurrencies on #204. @steveklabnik's comment in particular sheds light on our proposed timeline to leave private beta.


i thought my +1 was for merchant accounts for non-US entities and not non-USD currency offering


@choonkeat it is. Just mentioning anything that's relevant.


+1 for India please


@choonkeat I don't think you understand what Balanced needs to do to accept merchant accounts for non-US entities, hence your passive aggressiveness.

Each country (or region; compromised of smaller markets/countries) is designated separately by Visa and Mastercard. For Balanced to accept payments in any country or region, they will first need to incorporate as a company there. Then they need to find a merchant acquirer that can service that region to offer processing capabilities to Balanced. Each region has different regulations. Also, Visa and Mastercard have different pricing models for different countries / regions. There is no other way to go abouts opening up in a new market but to register a new company and set up a small, local office there.

I've went through this process for the Middle East and I can tell you, it is not an easy one. Balanced will need to have enough bandwidth to juggle all these markets alongside their current main U.S market. Global expansion will certainly not come overnight.


@nayefc Interesting overview but sounds too excessive to me but again I have no experience so I wouldn't know.

Perhaps @steveklabnik could expand a little bit about the hurdles @balanced is facing here.


@adambenayoun Balanced already has the hard part in-place: the backend finance ops. Adding another country/region is more of a logistical challenge: registering company, opening up office, signing a deal, complying with that country's regulations, all of which all costs a lot of money. Then finally, plugging that into the current backend finance ops. Another challenge would be settlements, specially in countries without a cheap automated switch between them such as ACH (yes ACH sucks but it's cheap and has APIs on top of it, which you'll appreciate once you see other countries that have nothing like that for public access; only for banks). I know the EU has one between them. The most logical and feasible initial expansion would be to Canada. Similar regulations, ACH works there, and depending on the acquirer, the same acquirer may support the US and Canada at the same time as per Visa & Mastercard.

In terms of software, changes would be minimal so that won't be too difficult. It could be that the cost is too much for Balanced at this time, unless they're actively working to expand to another country now.

I'm hoping @steveklabnik could elaborate more on this.


@nayefc Thanks for the detailed answer. I would love to hear @balanced side of the story - I think if they were communicating better on this - there would be less frustration on that part. When as a company you bring yourself to that level of transparency (github issues), you have to be super open in term of communication when a certain request gains traction.


@adambenayoun Yes of course, that's the best part about Balanced! Just to clarify, I wasn't giving any side of Balanced's story. I was talking in general and giving some background with regards to any credit card payments firm wanting to expand globally.


@nayefc That was totally clear - I know that you were giving your 2 cents on the matter. I was wondering if this is what @balanced had to deal with - hence why I wanted @steveklabnik to weigh in.

Again - thanks a lot for taking the time to give some glimpse into the regulatory issues one could face when wanting to expand internationally, I certainly learned something new!


+300000000000000. I would really love to used Balanced for my business. I need the escrowing and bitcoin payments features. Netherlands here by the way.


We've been meaning to fully blog about this, but I will say for now that @nayefc has gotten the biggest pieces down.


@steveklabnik I'll be seeing you at Etsy tonight :)


When as a company you bring yourself to that level of transparency (github issues), you have to be super open in term of communication when a certain request gains traction.

This makes no sense at all, @adambenayoun. That the issue ostensibly gains a certain level of traction doesn't necessarily mean that it aligns perfectly with current business objectives. You may well have vested interest in this issue, and it's unfortunate if your needs can't be met just now, but that doesn't mean the company "has to be super open in terms of communication." The mechanics involved in this issue are manifold, and there's a very real possibility that Balanced is simply not in a position where they can provide a meaningful response. Ask yourself; would you rather have incomplete information right now, or accurate information later?

Patience is a virtue, and unfortunately in very short supply on the internet. I'm sure Balanced will respond appropriately when possible.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Balanced. I admire their guts, and would like to be a customer when Sweden is a supported market. Till then, I'm monitoring their progress with patience.


@nayefc yay! 🎊


@mstade Let me start by saying that this was in no way critical of Balanced in any way, I think they are already way more open than any other companies I know (including mine) so kudos to them for being able to have that level of openness and I'm looking forward becoming a customer once they can handle international payouts (This is the only thing that stop me from using them right now).

I for myself would have appreciated a little bit more information on the subject. I think what @nayefc contributed to this discussion is enough for me at this stage, at least to comprehend the level of time Balanced has to invest in this. It would have been great to get some sort of timeframe and I completely get it when @steveklabnik mentions he cannot provide any sort of timeline for anything that has regulatory barriers - that wouldn't make sense and would just frustrate us more if that didn't happen.

I have patience but if there's anything I can do to speed up the process - I'll do it - including asking questions or proposing alternatives in term of launching earlier (I've done that in the past), maybe you think I'm out of the line here, I'd like to view it as another potential customer who really want to work with Balanced ;)


Thanks @adambenayoun for clarifying. As well, let me apologize if my reply came off as a confrontation; it was not my intent! I can certainly identify with your point of view, and I too would love to know the intricacies of what this feature entails (because I'm a total nerd) but that knowledge wouldn't do much other than satisfy my curiosity. There's value to that as well, I suppose.

You raise a very good question however, that I too would like explored. What – if anything – can customers that would like to use Balanced in a unsupported country do to help make that happen?


@mstade That piece of content would satisfy our curiosity, educate us on how hard it is to make that happen (and probably set the right expectations) and would be a great piece of content in term of content marketing.


hey @adambenayoun, co-founder of Balanced here. As @steveklabnik we'll be blogging on this in the near future, but in the meantime, I think @nayefc nails the main points. But 100% agree there's some useful content we can put out into the world about this, even if only at a high-level.


@jkwade - thanks for the clarification. What @nayefc described is CRAZY 👻 (!) but very interesting :) Looking forward reading that blog post from @steveklabnik


feels responsible for the shitstorm. to clarify, i'd never thought nor imply that what @balanced needs to do is easy. i wasn't expressing impatience either. @steveklabnik's response sufficed. cheers


No idea why you think there's a shitstorm? We're just celebrating Balanced's attempt in breaking the regulatory walls!


+1 Israel


+1 US based, global marketplace and would like to run globally through Balanced. This thread has been informative. I wish I didn't have to rely on other options for the time being.


@coryarmbrecht If I may ask, for a global marketplace, what other options would you recommend? We are currently looking for options other than PayPal.


Yes, Balanced or Stripe would have been great but they do not support international payouts yet which is what we are looking for. PayPal is the only common solution I see on other global platforms like AirBnB and Elance.


+1 from NZ


+1 for UK, Canada


+1 for Chile and Argentina


+1 for HK, SG. There's a real gap in the market for this in Asia and first in would take it all! Only real options at the moment are PayPal or old school Payment Gateways ; (


+1 from Norway.


+1 Canada


+1 Malasya and other SEA countries


+1 France


+1 for Canada, or no more maple syrup for you :p


+1 US based marketplace for international non US support please!


+1 Canada


+1m Greece

@seanlinsley seanlinsley referenced this issue in gratipay/ Mar 24, 2014

Allow Connecting Canadian Bank Account #2179


+1 from Austria


Related: we are officially starting work on foreign currency support, which is a precursor to this issue. I've updated the text of #100 to reflect the requirements of this feature, and you can check to track the progress. Feedback very welcome.


+1 EU/Germany


+1 Norway


+1 Israel New Shekel


@steveklabnik Hi Steve, Is marketplace payment solution is available in the UK now ? If not what features are available ? Do you know a date when this feature becomes available in the UK ?


Hey @gauravtiwari,

As you can see, this issue is still open, so it hasn't been implemented yet. We don't generally promise a hard date, because they're almost always wrong. Keep your eyes peeled on this ticket!


+1 UK !!!


+1 Thailand and other SEA countries


+1 for Malaysia. Please bring international marketplace support to Malaysia.


+1 from UAE


+1 from Argentina !


+1 Canada


+1 million for Malaysia. Please bring balanced to Malaysia!


+150 for Canada (the number of sellers we could migrate from beanstream)




+1 for Poland (but USD please, I want to exchange myself)


2 years later, what's the progress with this?


+1 Canada


+1 Canada


+1 Philipenes


+1 South Korea


+1 for Australia


+1 for Canada / Australia!


+1 Philippines/Guatemala


+1 for Australia!!


+1 from India


+1 and spare me (us?) from Stripe hell the not-as-pleasant Stripe API.


@danschmidt5189 whats wrong with stripe?


@matejkramny "Stripe Hell" was an exaggeration (amended above), especially with their latest API version which is quite good. Stripe isn't bad; Balanced has just been really, really good:

  • Easier to use/simpler (thoughtful object design; follows JSONAPI pretty closely)
  • Better, more substantive documentation (the API repo is an amazing resource)
  • IRC / email support are extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and organized (really valuable for a production system)

Balanced also has Orders (which afaik Stripe does not yet have), removing a lot of concurrency/locking-related headaches.

Of course, this is purely my opinion, and I'd rather not hijack the thread to compare Stripe/Balanced. :)


+1 Japan 日本

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