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.aria2 aria2: Don't limit uploads. Aug 29, 2015
.cmus cmus: Add 'Rock' filter. Feb 5, 2016
.config Add cava config. Apr 10, 2016
.emacs.d @ c7a103a Update emacs submodule. Jun 8, 2018
.emacs.d.old Update submodules. Dec 28, 2017
.funcs funcs: Add enq Aug 3, 2017
.gnupg Stop version controlling gpg-agent.conf because of conflicting gnupg … Jun 19, 2015
.hammerspoon Add hammerspoon config. Jun 8, 2018
.i3 Clean i3 config. Nov 23, 2014
.mjolnir Bump volume by more. Mar 31, 2018
.mpv Update pcd to exclude playlists. Dec 13, 2016
.mutt .mutt/crypto: Remove careless duplicate entries. Apr 10, 2015
.oh-my-zsh @ c3b072e Update submodules. Dec 28, 2017
.sbt/0.13/plugins Use emacs ensime mode. Mar 12, 2015
.spacemacs.d Misc tweaks. Jun 7, 2018
.vim Disable unused vim extensions Mar 31, 2018
.xmonad xmonad: Add spotify and amixer bindings. Oct 30, 2017
.zsh-custom Add custom zsh theme in a new directory. Dec 14, 2013
screenshots Screenshots: Bump resolution. Fix DISPLAY value. Sep 25, 2015
.Brewfile Update brewfile. Nov 8, 2016
.Xmodmap Xmodmap: Disable pointer mappings for inverted scrolling. (Handled in… Apr 3, 2016
.Xresources Xresources: Switch back to Bitstream Vera Sans Mono on tchaikovsky Oct 15, 2015
.aspell.en.pws Update dict Mar 31, 2018
.conkyrc Conky: Only show the battery level if a battery is present. Oct 17, 2014
.gitconfig Update .gitconfig. Mar 31, 2018
.gitignore Ignore xmonad state. Mar 29, 2017
.gitignore_global gitignore_global: Add 'auto' Jan 18, 2017
.gitmodules Initial commit of spacemacs. Mar 23, 2017
.ispell_english Misc tweaks. Jun 7, 2018
.mailcap mailcap: Use view-attachment instead of lynx. Apr 4, 2016
.muttrc Mutt: Bind '^' to fetch mail. Jul 29, 2015
.osx Update .osx. Jul 18, 2015
.screenrc .screenrc: Update statusline. Nov 8, 2014
.tmux-osx.conf Misc tweaks. Jun 7, 2018
.tmux.conf Disable osx-specific tmux config. Aug 11, 2018
.vimrc vim: ignore version warning. Jun 8, 2018
.wgetrc Add wgetrc. Nov 23, 2015
.xinitrc xinitrc: Add back redshift. Feb 9, 2017
.yaourt Add urxvt-font-size. Dec 2, 2014
.zshenv Reference issue for DEBIAN_PREVENT_KEYBOARD_CHANGES. Nov 8, 2014
.zshrc Misc tweaks. Jun 7, 2018
LICENSE.mit Add MIT license. Jul 23, 2014
README.md Update auto-generated README. Mar 13, 2016
bootstrap.sh Set -e in bootstrap.sh Nov 17, 2014
generate-readme.sh Add wgetrc to the README. Dec 7, 2015



This repository contains configuration files I use on Mac and Linux systems which have been inspired by the rest of the dotfiles community. This README has been automatically generated by generate-readme.sh on Sun Mar 13 13:40:58 EDT 2016. The following screenshots are automatically generated by the screenshots/generate.sh script by taking screenshots in an X virtual framebuffer.








Clone this repo with git's --recursive flag to obtain all the submodules. Run bootstrap.sh to symlink all of the dotfiles in this repo to the home directory and install vim plugins. This shell script will possibly be migrated to GNU Stow in the future

Custom shell functions and aliases.

See the .funcs directory.

What programs do these configure?

Similar Projects and Inspiration

There are many approaches to managing dotfiles on GitHub that have inspired this repository, and this project uniquely adds automatic screenshot generation. The following list was generated on 2016-03-13 and shows a subset of related projects. The dotfiles page on the Arch Linux Wiki is another good resource.

Name Stargazers Description
cowboy/dotfiles 951 My OS X / Ubuntu dotfiles.
garybernhardt/dotfiles 1170 ~grb. Things in here are often interdependent. A lot of stuff relies on scripts in bin/.
gf3/dotfiles 685 My dotfiles
holman/dotfiles 3675 @holman does dotfiles
joedicastro/dotfiles 525 My .dotfiles
justone/dotfiles 171 Dotfiles
mathiasbynens/dotfiles 13762 🔧 .files, including ~/.osx — sensible hacker defaults for OS X
nelstrom/dotfiles 273 My dotfiles. Mainly customisations for Vim and Bash.
ocodo/.emacs.d 62 A reusable .emacs.d aimed at modern editor users.
paulmillr/dotfiles 519 Colourful & robust OS X configuration files and utilities.
pengwynn/dotfiles 295 $HOME sweet ~/
rmm5t/dotfiles 277 📄 Ryan McGeary's configuration shiznit that makes him productive
robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh 34424 A delightful community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 200+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, php, python, etc), over 140 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.
ryanb/dotfiles 1926 config files for zsh, bash, completions, gem, git, irb, rails
skwp/dotfiles 4471 YADR - The best vim,git,zsh plugins and the cleanest vimrc you've ever seen
sontek/dotfiles 474 My configuration files (.screenrc, .vimrc, .weechat, .bashrc, .gitconfig, etc)
spf13/spf13-vim 7519 The ultimate vim distribution
ssaunier/dotfiles 10 Dot files for my macbook setup (shell = zsh)
terhechte/emacs.d 40 My emacs.d
themattman/dotfiles 3 My configuration files.
themattman/utilities 6 Assortment of handy utilities.
thoughtbot/dotfiles 3191 A set of vim, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files.
tpope/tpope 276 tpope's dotfiles. here be dragons
vicfryzel/xmonad-config 266 My xmonad and xmobar configuration, plus necessary scripts to make things more usable.
windelicato/dotfiles 702 arch linux configuration files
zweifisch/dotfiles 4 personal dotfiles