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GitHub README Link Checker

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girl is a Github Readme Link Checker served over HTTP with Scala and Spray. A public version is hosted at


To prevent misuse, girl restricts usage to GitHub users with over 50 followers or users and organizations on the whitelist. Please add your accounts and submit a pull request to gain access. Thanks!


Before running locally, set your GitHub API token in the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN, or modify the GitHub API connection in Girl.scala to another option from kohsuke.github.GitHub. Also in Girl.scala, if desired, set the minimum number of required followers to zero: val reqFollowers = 0.

girl is built with sbt. Executing sbt run from the girl directory will download the dependencies, compile the source code, and start an HTTP server on Main.scala configures the interface and port.

sbt-revolver is helpful for development. Start an sbt shell and execute ~re-start, which re-compiles and restarts the server upon source code changes.

Deployment with Docker

Girl can be deployed as a container with Docker. After replacing the string <token> in the Dockerfile with your GitHub API token, the following command will build and start the girl as an HTTP server on port 8585 of the container.

docker build -t girl .

Running as a System Service

girl.service is an example systemd service that calls to automatically start girl with the system.

Modify the paths to this repo on your system in both of the scripts and copy girl.service to /etc/systemd/system/girl.service. A symlink will not work, see this bug report for more details.

Basic controls are:

sudo systemctl start girl
sudo systemctl stop girl
sudo systemctl restart girl

And run on startup with:

sudo systemctl enable girl


All portions are MIT-licensed.