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Baratine™ Auction

Auction application demonstrates how to use Baratine™ to build a Single Page Web Application.

The application uses the following Baratine provided services

  • DatabaseService
  • Store (key - value)
  • Timer
  • Event
  • WebSocket
The main interfaces are


  • AuctionSession, AuctionUserSession, AuctionAdminSession
  • User
  • UserVault
  • Auction
  • AuctionVault
  • WebAuctionUpdates

HTML, JavaScript:

  • index.html
The main classes are


  • AbstractAuctionSession, AuctionUserSessionImpl - implements a user session; invoked by the UI (index.html)
  • UserImpl - implements User; manages UserDataPublic class which contains user detail
  • UserVault - creates and manages users
  • AuctionImpl - implements Auction; manages AuctionDataPublic class which contains Auction detail
  • AuctionVault - creates and manages auctions
Building the Auction application
Running the Auction application

execute gradle clean jar run

For additional documentaton on Baratine™ visit [Baratine Home] [Baratine Home]: