Classical Aerodynamics of potential flow using Python, for Prof. Barba's course at GW (1st version:Spring 2014, 2nd run:2015).
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Aerodynamics-Hydrodynamics with Python

"Aerodynamics-Hydrodynamics" (MAE 6226) using the AeroPython series of lessons is taught at the George Washington University by Prof. Lorena A. Barba. The first version of the course ran in Spring 2014 and these IPython Notebooks were prepared for that class, with assistance from Barba-group PhD student Olivier Mesnard. In Spring 2015, we are revising and extending the collection, adding student assignments to strengthen the learning experience. The course is also supported by an open learning space in the GW SEAS Open edX platform.

The materials are distributed publicly and openly under a Creative Commons Attribution license, CC-BY 4.0

List of notebooks:

0. Getting Started

Module 1. Building blocks of potential flow

  1. Source & Sink
  2. Source & Sink in a Freestream
  3. Doublet
  4. Assignment: Source distribution on an airfoil

Module 2. Potential vortices and lift

  1. Vortex
  2. Infinite row of vortices
  3. Vortex Lift on a cylinder
  4. Assignment: Joukowski transformation

Module 3. Source-panel method for non-lifting bodies

  1. Method of Images
  2. Source Sheet
  3. Flow over a cylinder with source panels
  4. Source panel method

Module 4. Vortex-source panel method for lifting bodies

  1. Vortex-source panel method
  2. Exercise: Derivation of the vortex-source panel method
  3. Assignment: 2D multi-component airfoil