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Welcome to the great3-public wiki! This wiki will be regularly updated. Currently, the following information is available:

  • Basic references contains what you need to get started and learn about the challenge.
  • The FAQ has more detailed answers to questions about the challenge.
  • The challenge data format is explained here.
  • Information about sign conventions for shears to be submitted can be obtained here.
  • Information on the file format for submissions can be obtained here.
  • A list of pieces of software that were public during the challenge is located here.
  • Information about the metrics following the revision of February 2014 is available here.

There are some additional GREAT3 resources now that the challenge ended (April 30, 2014). These include:

  • The data format for the publicly released catalogs and parameter files for all branches is described here.
  • How to use the metric evaluation scripts to calculate your own GREAT3 metrics is described here.
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