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This is a fork of Check there for the latest official version, as I can't promise that my code will be reliable ;)

jQuery Address

The jQuery Address plugin provides powerful deep linking capabilities and allows the creation of unique virtual addresses that can point to a website section or an application state. It enables a number of important capabilities including:

  • Bookmarking in a browser or social website
  • Sending links via email or instant messenger
  • Finding specific content using the major search engines
  • Utilizing browser history and reload buttons


A basic implementation in pure JavaScript can look like this:

$.address.change(function(event) {  
    // do something depending on the event.value property, e.g.  
    // $('#content').load(event.value + '.xml');  
$('a').click(function() {  

The plugin also provides a jQuery function which can be directly used in the following way:


The above snippet can be extended with an additional function that processes the link value:

$('a').address(function() {  
    return $(this).attr('href').replace(/^#/, '');  

By default the plugin automatically adds the appropriate JavaScript event handler to every link that has a rel attribute in the following format:

<a href="/deep-link" rel="address:/deep-link">Deep link</a> 


03/19/2010 - jQuery Address 1.2

  • New queryString, parameter and path setters.
  • New autoUpdate and crawling modes.
  • New Ajax crawling sample.
  • New Accordion sample.
  • Improved onhashchange support.
  • Switched samples to HTML5.
  • Switched to the Closure compiler.
  • JSLint compatibility.
  • Simple test suite.
  • Support for jQuery 1.4.2.

12/23/2009 - jQuery Address 1.1

  • New internalChange and externalChange events.
  • New Events sample.
  • Improved IE support.
  • Frameset support.

04/28/2009 - jQuery Address 1.0

Initial release.