A replacement for Arduino's LedControl library
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A replacement for Arduino's LedControl library.


  • Can driver more than 8 segments (limited only by the memory),
  • Writing to the display is controlled by the software,
  • Much, much faster (as it uses hardware SPI with soft SS)
  • Can use an external memory or self-allocated buffer
  • (Optional) support for Adafruit_GFX library - use -DUSE_ADAFTUIT_GFX to enable.

Pin selection

Each segment of the display needs 16 bits and they can all be shifted in at once. To make transfers much faster I have decided to use hardware SPI. The pins are therefore fixed:

  • MOSI is connected to DIN,
  • SCK is connected to CLK,
  • MISO can't be used (unless by other SPI device),
  • SS can't be used (we're not using the hardware pin).

The user has to select which pin to use for software SS but don't use any of the hardware SPI pins. Please check pin numbers specific for your hardware platform.


  • Marko Oette - patches for Arduino AVR platform, example sketch
  • Søren Thing Andersen - support for 7-seg displays with examples