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A tool to list and extract content from file.
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A tool to list and extract content from files.

Support Mac, iOS and AppleWatch assets. Can extract PNG and PDF files.


Feature Status
iOS / iPhone / iPad
4 inch iPhone
Size classes
Memory class
Graphics class
SpriteKit Atlas
AppleTV image stack
iMessage stickers


input is required
Usage: ./acextract [options]
  -i, --input:  
      Path to input CAR file.
  -o, --output:
      Path to output directory.
  -l, --list:
      Print content of the CAR file without extracting.
  -h, --help:
      Show help message.
  -v, --verbose:
      Print more detail. You can use -vv or -vvv for more info.


From archive

  • download the newest version from GitHub
  • extract archive
  • copy acextract to /usr/local/bin/ folder

Manual compilation

git clone --recursive


git clone
cd acextract
git submodule update --init --recursive

Example usage:

Print content

acextract -i ~/ -l

Extract content

mkdir -p ~/AssetsOutput
acextract -i ~/ -o ~/AssetsOutput

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