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A full stack demo app based on Quasar and Firestore.
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Job Cruizer - The Quasar-Firestore demo!


The purpose of this project is to provide a simple backend-less example app, featuring the following cutting edge technologies:

  • Google's NoSQL cloud database Firestore
  • The multi platform, Vue.js-based app framework Quasar

With this example I'd like to explore the synergy of both technologies and provide simple boilerplate code to kickstart new projects.

Any pull requests to improve the quality of this example are welcome!

How to run

Make sure you've installed an up-to-date version of yarn.

$ yarn global add vue-cli
$ yarn
$ quasar dev

After you see

 DONE  Compiled successfully in Xms

you can open the app in your browser.

The app will connect and subscribe to an existing Firestore instance, which was provisioned to back this example.


This project was scaffolded with quasar init. Most of the changes applied are either inspired by or taken from this great article.

To do

Re-write the app in TypeScript.

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