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SwarmSense IoT Platform

SwarmSense IoT Platform

SwarmSense Installation On Production Server

SwarmSense setup is really easy. It comes with one-click installer script which will take-care of every dependency of the application.

Download the swarmsense.tar.gz from the latest release. In the swarmsense.tar.gz, you will get a zip file snms.zip of the application. First of all you have to install unzip:

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install unzip

Now extract the zip file

$ unzip snms.zip

It will create a folder named release. Installation script for the application setup.sh is under release/script directory. Run this file to start application installation:

$ cd release/script
$ sh setup.sh

Note: Run all the above commands with root privileges.

After running $ sh setup.sh it will install nginx, postfix, rabbitmq, postgres, influxdb etc.

After finishing the installation /etc/snms.conf configuration will be created. This file has all the application configurations. This file will be interpreted as a python file so all the variables will be written in python style.

All the application related files logs will be at /opt/snms directory.

Checkout Here for more details about installation: https://www.baseapp.com/swarmsense/swarmsense-installation-guide/

Setup with Docker (Beta)

Before proceeding, install the following prerequisites:

Once everything is installed, switch to the docker folder.

First copy snms.conf.example to snms.conf and change MQTT_PASSWORD value for security.

Now execute the following commands:

$ docker-compose up -d

This will build and start the container.

Now for first time you have to create the database tables and default settings. Run the following command:

$ docker-compose run backend snms db prepare

To create the first admin user, run the following command.

$ docker-compose run backend snms user create -a -c