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The rock-solid Bash package manager.


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The rock-solid Bash package manager

STATUS: BETA (expect breaking changes until a post-beta release)

basalt is a rewritten fork of basher that adds a ton of new functionality. It makes it significantly easier to install Bash, Zsh, etc. projects to your computer. Often, these projects/scripts are not available through official apt, DNF, pacman repositories, or even from unofficial sources like third-party apt repositories or the AUR

Let's say you want to install rupa/z, tj/git-extras, aristocratos/bashtop, and JosefZIla/bash2048. Simply run the following

$ basalt global add rupa/z tj/git-extras aristocratos/bashtop JosefZIla/bash2048

This symlinks all executable scripts to a common directory. It does this for completion files and manpages as well

$ exa -l --no-permissions --no-filesize --no-user ~/.local/share/basalt/global/bin/ -> .../.local/share/basalt/store/packages/
bashtop -> .../.local/share/basalt/store/packages/
git-alias -> .../.local/share/basalt/store/packages/
git-archive-file -> .../.local/share/basalt/store/packages/

To be able to access the binaries, completion files, and manpages in your shell, add a two-liner in your shell configuration. The installation script already does this for you

# ~/.bashrc
export PATH="${XDG_DATA_HOME:-$HOME/.local/share}/basalt/source/bin:$PATH"
eval "$(basalt global init bash)" # zsh and fish are also supported

NOTE: Basalt is currently BETA. There are known bugs that will be fixed. I highly recommended to wait until v1.0.0 before trying anything out

See Installation and Getting Started for more details


  • Install most Bash/Zsh/Fish projects out of the box
  • Local Bash packages (Awk/Zsh/Fish/Ksh,Powershell coming later)
  • Custom builtins for Bash packages (not yet implemented)
  • Robust (lockfile usage, transaction rollback (not yet implemented), great error handling)
  • Bundle (bundle a project and its dependencies into a single file) (not yet implemented)


Because of Basalt, I've been able to make

  • bake - A Bash-based Make alternative
  • woof - The version manager to end all version managers
  • bash-object - Manipulate heterogenous data hierarchies in Bash
  • bash-term - Bash library for terminal escape sequences.

See the full list awesome-basalt and at the GitHub organization bash-bastion.


Original code is licensed under MIT by Juan Ibiapina. Modifications are licensed under BSD-3-Clause by Edwin Kofler