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An image uploader and server based on Riak and Django. Offers short URLs to boot.
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Upgraded to Django 1.4.2 and changed to the new project structure.


riagi is a sample application using Riak with Django to implement an imgur clone. It uses Riak to store images, thumbnails, image metadata, user profiles, and sessions.


The needed packages are listed in requirements.txt, but briefly, they are:

  • Django 1.4.2
  • Python Imaging Library (PIL)
  • Riak Python Client (riak)
  • shortuuid

Once you have those packages installed and Riak available on the local host in the default configuration, enable Riak Search on the Riak node, and then run these two commands to install the search indexing hooks:

$ search-cmd install riagi-users
$ search-cmd install riagi-image-metadata

Now start up the server:

$ python runserver

Open your browser to http://localhost:8000/ to view the app. You should see something like so:



riagi is licensed under the Apache v2.0 license.

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