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Riak 0.11.0 Release Notes
Bitcask has arrived as the new default backend for Riak. Bitcask is Basho's
new key/value store that should provide good balanced performance out
of the box on most systems. Read more about it from the initial
announcement here,-bitcask/
Users that wish to upgrade from another backend will need to backup their
cluster (using riak-admin) before changing the backend in app.config, restart
riak and restore from the backup into bitcask.
The protocol buffers client (PBC) interface has been enhanced to
add map/reduce support and access to simple bucket properties. The
erlang and python clients have been updated accordingly.
Put operations using the local erlang client that request a returnbody
have received a performance enhancement. Internally the put operation
now returns the body directly, so an additional get is no longer
required. The PBC and HTTP interfaces have been updated to use
this new mechanism.
58 - provide default content-type of application/octet-stream if none
present in the object.
74 - create ring directory if non-existant
142 - riak-admin leave restored
Bugs Fixed
35 - {error, blah} messages are now passed on to javascript map/reduce jobs
104 - missing bucket/key into map/reduce job crashed it. Fixed.
193 - list keys sometimes uses downed nodes. Fixed.
208 - deleting a key with a post-commit hook set crashed riak. Fixed.
Known Issues
* During testing we discovered an issue where nodes do not leave the ring
cleanly is the number of partitions is not a power of 2. Until this is
resolved, only ring sizes that are powers of 2 should be chosen (e.g.
16, 32, 64, 256, 1024). The default ring size is 64 and is unaffected.
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