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Welcome to Riak.


Riak is a distributed, decentralized data storage system.

In the wiki, you will find the “quick start” directions for setting up and using Riak. For more information, browse the following files:

  • README: this file
  • LICENSE: the license under which Riak is released
  • doc/
    • Riak Administration Guide
    • architecture.txt: details about the underlying design of Riak
    • basic-client.txt: slightly more detail on using Riak
    • basic-setup.txt: slightly more detail on setting up Riak
    • man/riak.1.gz: manual page for the riak(1) command
    • man/riak-admin.1.gz manual page for the riak-admin(1) command
    • raw-http-howto.txt: using the Riak HTTP interface

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