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Course material for the MA Interactive Journalism, Advanced Data and Coding module, City University

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Interactive Journalism MA - Advanced Data and Coding module

Module code: JOM299
City University

In this repo you will find all the course material and presentations for the 2017-2018 Advanced Data and Coding Module for City University MA in Interactive Journalism.

Module outline and aims

Digital journalists increasingly need a complex skillset of developer knowledge, as well as a native understanding of application programming interfaces (APIs) and ‘scraping’ of online sources to be able to interrogate and investigate ‘big data’ in the public interest.

This module, which follows on from ‘Introduction to Data Reporting aims to train you to work effectively a professional digital journalist. By the end of this module you will have an advanced knowledge of data journalism, including skills to investigate and interrogate ‘big data’; demonstrate developer skills in a range of coding languages; be able to interrogate application programme interfaces (APIs) and deploy scraping tools; critically evaluate data sets and complex investigations; and appreciate the accountability role of digital data reporting for civil society in advanced democracies.

from the module handbook

What will i be expected to achieve?

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the importance of digital data reporting as aform of accountability journalism in democratic society
  • Display an understanding of the roles, priorities and workflows of journalists, developers, and programmers who work with and enable the publication of digital journalism


  • Use judgment to analyse and evaluate suitable sources of data and datasets
  • Develop suitable problem-solving approaches to address typical challenges in a digitalnewsroom
  • Complexity in the use of skills using technologies application programme interfaces (APIs) and ‘scraping’
  • Demonstrate developer skills in a range of coding languages

Values and attitudes:

  • Display a comprehensive understanding of the ethical responsibilities of sourcing and publishing data
  • Be self-directed in learing and skills-training, particular in coding
  • Be cognisant of ongoing developments in current practice, scholarship and research of developer lead journalism

Teaching plan

Weeks 1 to 7 - Project-based learning

Weeks 8, 9, 10 - Final project work

We will go round the room and take questions about final project. Come prepared with actual problems, be happy to work collaboratively and to make progress in class while we tackle challenges collectively, on the big screen.

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Course material for the MA Interactive Journalism, Advanced Data and Coding module, City University






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