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viscm had a bug in its color space model. This updates the color maps to
the new, corrected model. However, the model change alone would have
increased the saturation. To compensate for this, the colormap
parameters were altered slightly to give the same appearance in the new
color space model.

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Twilight -- A Circular Color Map

The colors begin with off-white, ranges through blue to off-black, then to red and back to off-white. Perceptual lightness contrast and color contrast are uniform over the whole value range. The colormap prints as perfect white-black-white, and works equally well with color blindness.


Note that the small ripple in the perceptual deltas are the result of only using "only" 35 color steps. If you need more color steps, they are defined in and

The colormap was designed using the viscm colormap design tool by creating a perceptually uniform colormap from off-black to off-white through red, and another colormap from the same off-black to the same off-white through blue. The files and are still editable through viscm.


A Circular Color Map



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