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a unite.vim plugin for rails
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a unite.vim plugin for rails

unite /app/models
  :Unite rails/model

unite /app/controllers
  :Unite rails/controller

unite /app/views
  :Unite rails/view

unite /app/helpers
  :Unite rails/helper

unite /app/jobs
  :Unite rails/job

unite /app/mailers
  :Unite rails/mailer

unite /lib
  :Unite rails/lib

unite /db
  :Unite rails/db

unite /config
  :Unite rails/config

unite /log
  :Unite rails/log

unite /public/javascripts
  :Unite rails/javascript

unite /public/stylesheets
  :Unite rails/stylesheet

unite bundle's commands
  :Unite rails/bundle

unite bundled gems
  :Unite rails/bundled_gem

unite /app/javascript
  :Unite rails/webpack

== maybe ==

  unite routes
    :Unite rails/route

  unite root
    :Unite rails/root

  unite command
    :Unite rails/command
      > rake db:migrate
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