A Python 3.5 app for the pnut.io social network.
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PigPen pnut.io social network app

What is 'PigPen'?

A Python 3.5 application to allow interactions with the pnut.io social network.

This document covers v0.3.7 onwards.

A recent 'screenshot':

| PigPen | u:175 @bazbt3
gg global timeline  gt your timeline
p  post     rp repost   gm mentions
r reply     gth getthrd gp getpost
b bookmark  gb bookmrks gh 'hashtag'
f follow    gu getuser  gi interacts
msg message gms getmsgs gs getsubs
xp x-post   gc getchanl sub subchanl
| help=menu | set=settings | ex=exit
Choice? gp
Get postnum? 213140
@dasdom: [u:19+f+F]
2017-10-28 19:41:31+00:00 []
@bazbt3 \o/
 id:213140 rep:213130 thd:213027
Choice? gt
@jws: [u:7+f+F]
2017-11-15 20:03:13+00:00 []
@schmidt_fu Probably the set you don’t have to follow into the bathroom.
 id:226300 rep:226243 thd:226243
@adiabatic: [u:172+f]
2017-11-15 20:06:46+00:00 []
@EchoDunk I made a paper wallet. There’s nothing in it yet. 
 id:226302 rep:226114 thd:226114
 ------------------------------- gth
@EchoDunk: [u:225]
2017-11-15 15:05:54+00:00 []
Speaking of #Bitcoin, whats in your wallet pnuts? Satoshi, whole coins? Inquiring minds want to know. 
 id:226114 thd:226114
@adiabatic: [u:172+f]
2017-11-15 20:06:46+00:00 []
@EchoDunk I made a paper wallet. There’s nothing in it yet. 
 id:226302 rep:226114 thd:226114
 ------------------------------- help
  Inline interactions menu:
  [enter]=next r=reply rp=repost
  b=bookmark gth=get thread
-back to main menu-

-back to list-
-back to main menu-

Choice? gu
Get data, usernum? 1

33MHz - human
@pnut developerd
#🐝 keeper

posts: 11441
followers: 336
following: 181
bookmarks: 357

Choice? exit
You chose 'exit': Goodbye!

As you can see, there are layout bugs aplenty. And ordinary bugs too. And it's a bit 'squashed' too. Considering it's being developed on a iPhone that's not surprising.

What I needed to make this work

  • A pnut.io account; no developer account is required for single-user apps,
  • Python, via the iOS Pythonista app. Note: I'm converting the application from Python 2.7 to 3.5 (see the documentation.)
  • StaSh, a bash-like shell for Pythonista, to give pip, which allows installation of…
  • @33MHz & @thrrgilag's PNUTpy library,
  • Access to the good people of pnut.io, for when comprehension failed,
  • Half a brain.

Repo structure:

If you want to know more, the most important things to look at here are:

  • The Documentation.
  • The PigPen.py app, obviously. The code comments will likely always be more useful than the documentation,
  • This README file.

Why did I do this?

Good question.

Why 'PigPen'?

App names are chosen throughout the pnut.io developer community to reflect the pnut (peanut) name. After a lot of thought I decided to choose PigPen from the Peanuts show character Pig-Pen; he's a scruffy boy without a name.

Incidentally, it took longer choosing the app name than it did to get to the first release to GitHub!