A virtual file system for sandboxing
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sandboxfs: A virtual file system for sandboxing

sandboxfs is a FUSE file system that exposes a combination of multiple files and directories from the host's file system in the form of a virtual tree with an arbitrary layout. You can think of a sandbox as an arbitrary view into the host's file system with different access privileges per directory.

sandboxfs is designed to allow running commands with limited access to the file system by using the virtual tree as their new root, and to do so consistently across a variety of platforms.

sandboxfs is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and is not an official Google product.


sandboxfs is still under active development and there have not yet been any formal releases.

See the installation instructions for details on how to build and install sandboxfs.

See the release notes file for more details.


sandboxfs is fully documented in the sandboxfs(1) manual page, which is located in the cmd/sandboxfs/sandboxfs.1 file. You can view a rendered version of this manual page using the following command after cloning the tree:

man ./cmd/sandboxfs/sandboxfs.1

Go and Rust

The current implementation of sandboxfs (the one you get when you follow the installation instructions) is written in Go. This is known to work well but has some performance problems caused by the way the Go FUSE bindings work (see e.g. https://github.com/bazil/fuse/issues/129).

A prototype rewrite in Rust showed the potential of obtaining much better performance and also highlighted multiple concurrency issues in the current Go implementation. As a result, a decision was made to reimplement sandboxfs in Rust for safety and performance reasons. The src subdirectory contains the still-partial reimplementation, which will be a drop-in replacement for the Go one once complete.


If you'd like to contribute to sandboxfs, there is plenty of work to be done! Please make sure to read our contribution guidelines to learn about some important prerequisite steps.