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blueray453 commented Oct 22, 2020

Describe the bug you encountered:

Though the folder has few files without extension, but the following command returns nothing.

$ fd -t f -e ''

Describe what you expected to happen:

I expected to have a output ~similar to the output of find . -type f ! -name "*.*"

What version of fd are you using?
fd 8.1.1

Which operating system / distribution are you on?

A simple fast, easy use distributed file system written by golang(similar fastdfs).go-fastdfs 是一个简单的分布式文件系统(私有云存储),具有无中心、高性能,高可靠,免维护等优点,支持断点续传,分块上传,小文件合并,自动同步,自动修复。

  • Updated Sep 24, 2020
  • Go
odidev commented Jul 30, 2020

I am working on adding an ARM64 job in Travis. ARM64 job is failing as docker image chubaofs/cfs-base:1.1 is not available for arm64.

Please check for the same.

I have built ARM64 binaries in ARM64 platform using below steps:

  • Removed -Werror flag from rocksdb Makefile as deprecated warnings are being treated as errors.

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